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SpotFines: Benefits of Ezetap Government Payment Platform

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Oct 28, 2021

Spotfines - Benefits of Government Payment Solutions

With advancements in the digital world, electronic payments have become a fast and easy way of making payments online. It eliminates the need of exchanging cash, reducing the chances of physical contact, and thus, health risk. In this whole new post-COVID world, we all understand the need for physical distancing for the welfare of ourselves and even our family members. However, our frontline workers do need to step out to fulfill their duties. Right in the center of the front-line workforce is the department of law enforcement.

The police and government officials need to ensure the smooth functioning of their areas and that every individual is adhering to rules and regulations. Sometimes our frontliners even need to charge a fine from those breaking the rules. This involves currency exchange, increasing the risk of infection for the frontliner, the offender, their families, and the public at large.

But not anymore!

At Ezetap, we believe that our frontliners should be armed with one of the government payment solutions , which can facilitate a touchless fine payment experience. Hence, we have developed a holistic platform—SpotFines. It derives its name from the words ‘spot fines’ meaning a fine imposed on the spot.

What is SpotFines?

It is a solution offered to the government to help them maintain law and order in a more streamlined fashion using digital payment methods. SpotFines enables government officials to accept payments via UPI, QR code, payment links, and debit / credit cards.

Along with helping them implement COVID-19 safety rules, it also comes handy in several instances.

For example: Let’s assume a citizen was caught for driving without a license. And the citizen says they cannot pay the fine because they are not carrying cash. During such instances, the inspectors have to let them go. But with a digital payment system like SpotFines at their disposal, they can ask the offender to make the fine payment then and there via mobile or card.

Benefits of SpotFines

  • Safety

    People are extra cautious and aware about safety and hygiene nowadays because of the fear of contracting and / or spreading coronavirus.

    Digital payments play a huge role in curtailing the spread of the rampant virus. And the option of sharing e-receipts enhances the benefits of accepting digital payments for government agencies. SpotFines also eliminates handwritten fine receipts and credits the money directly into the government bank account, which minimises cash pilferage and loss.

  • Customised Reports

    From the name of the citizen to the offence committed, this digital payments app for government agencies offers clarity on every fine collected. They can customise the reports in multiple ways, and have a day-wise, offence-wise or region-wise view. With this report, you can get insights of the highest committed offence, region with most unlawful acts, and more.

  • Efficient Solution

    The solution is integrated and linked back to the servers of the municipal corporation, enabling the officials to view the reports. Since it digitally records every fine with clear details, it helps you identify a repeat offender. The government can also make use of our app to record pivotal data that can aid in devising a plan to maintain strict law and order in the country.

  • A Cross-Device Solution

    SpotFines can be operated on POS machines as well as tablets and smartphones. So, if the government is sceptical of investing in a POS machine, our officials can reap the benefits of SpotFine through smart devices like mobile phones and tablets.

The ‘Digital India’ campaign and coronavirus, both have spurred the nation to choose contactless payment methods. However, a lot of people still refrain from using this better mode of payment. Maybe, if the government begins to make digital payment acceptance the primary mode of transactions, people will adopt mobile payments at a faster pace. Adopting SpotFines is like feeding two birds with one scone—keeping the frontliners safe and pushing the nation towards a cashless society.

At Ezetap, we are at the top of the pyramid in the FinTech sector. Our team strives to make digital payments effortless for retail businesses, enterprises, and government agencies by offering an end-to-end solution. Contact us and we will demonstrate how SpotFines can help your team collect fines with maximum efficacy and stay safe at the same time.


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