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Reasons Why Businesses Should Go for Smart Android POS Machine

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Aug 26, 2021


GPRS Swiping machines/POS devices have been in the market for a few decades. The technology was developed to make payment acceptance easier for merchants. However, while earlier digital payment acceptance was more of a need; today the need has advanced to simplifying overall business operations with services like reconciliation, insights and analytics,  digital khata and much more. 

With that need in mind, payment players continued to innovate and advance the solution into sleeker, smarter, more intelligent acceptance terminals building and offering  peripheral services around it. Solutions that would allow merchants to upgrade from a simple  payment acceptance to an end to end payment experience with affordability and other value added services for enhanced scalability and efficiency of his growing business. 

Today with increased consumerism, both large and small retailers are constantly striving to gain a larger market share.  Therefore they need to be equipped with the most advanced technology in payments, including POS terminals that allow them to go beyond payment acceptance. This is exactly why retailers are upgrading to a smart Android POS terminal—a robust and an all-in-one payment solution.

Let me detail the benefits of an Android POS Machine for a modern-day business.

1. Higher Efficiency  with Android Operating System

Android POS terminal is a type of mobile POS (mPOS), with a smartphone-like display and enhanced Android-based user interface that makes it super convenient to use. Running on an Android based operating system, the device allows many apps to run on the device itself. It eliminates the need of a separate phone to run multiple apps- delivery app, payments app etc. You can arm your agents and sales executives with a single Android POS device and let them perform all functions in a single place. 

2. Longer Battery Life

Similar to the low-battery anxiety in a phone, low battery anxiety in a POS terminal is real. We at Ezetap, we strive to ensure that our clients face zero business disruptions on the payment acceptance front, least of which should be the concern about the dipping battery. Android POS machine is a powerful device that need not  be connected to the charger at all times. Once fully charged, it functions for up to 6 hours! Since it is an all-in-one payment solution with a great battery capacity, your agents can carry swiping devices to accept payments at customer’s  doorstep, without the worry of the battery dying out.

3. Versatile and Adaptable

Android POS is a device that can be tailored to your business needs. It is lightweight and offers an array of connectivity options—WiFi, Bluetooth, sim card, and cord—which enables a faster and smoother payment experience any time, anywhere. You can use it at the counter, anywhere within the store as or  at the customers’  doorstep. If you want to add an extra channel of income, you can also integrate your Android POS machine into a self-service kiosk to collect digital payments. 

4. Future Ready with Contactless Payments

From queue busting experiences, to anywhere payments to contactless payments.  In current times, where customers expect a touchless experience, whether inside a store or during delivery, businesses must adopt the new contactless capabilities of evolved POS devices. Android POS device allows you to accept all contactless payments including UPI, Static and Dynamic QR code, Remote SMS Payment and much more.  In fact, considering the rate at which people are embracing digital payments, financial experts believe that businesses need to adopt the latest technology to gain a competitive edge in the market and catapult their business.

5. Better User Experience

It is a no-brainer that Android POS can render an improved user experience. It enables you to install apps within the swiping machine, keeping everything in one place. Ezetap Android POS also has an inbuilt printer and offers printable paper receipts. It also has an option of going fully touchless with digital receipts which can be sent to the customer via an SMS. The large display allows better readability for the user and the in-built camera facilitates barcode scanning. Android POS combines all these powerful features into an aesthetically pleasing device!

6. A Comfortable Customer Experience

An Android swiping machine with its strong aesthetics, allows you to provide a new age payment experience to your customers. It offers flexibility and convenience to a customer from payment acceptance to charge slips. More so, it allows for queue busting at stores, as the device can easily be carried around for completing the billing anywhere within the store. 

7. For Business Growth Decisions

Customer insights can be a strong business tool. It enables you to understand your customers’ preferences and behaviour and preferences, which thereby helps you cater better to your target audience. With Ezetap’s Android POS, you get a single dashboard view with all historical transactions. You can also get a  single centralised detailed report and insights across branches, on demand, which help you make strategic decisions to grow your business.  At Ezetap, we simplify  payment processes  for you! Contact us, and we will help you identify the right POS device and payment solution for your business.


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