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Contactless payments in Healthcare: Key In Delivering Memorable In-Person Experiences.

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Mar 21, 2022

Contactless payments in Healthcare

Healthcare forms a large business sector across the globe. In India, the healthcare market is expected to reach about 372 US$ by 2022. The boom in healthcare revenue and transactions has also been seen due to the pandemic and lifestyle changes, health conditions or diseases, increased access to insurance, rising income, and an overall high awareness of people.

The pandemic has also brought an urgent change in the demands of people regarding contactless processes. Digital transactions were on the rise since demonetisation; however, there has been a surge again post pandemic due to the social distancing norms.

It is more important than ever for healthcare sectors to stay up to date with the latest transaction needs of customers and trends to stay in the market. As per research, about 82% of consumers want to make all of their healthcare payments in one place together without having to jump from place to place. Also, more than half consumers can consider switching the healthcare provider based on their payment experience alone.

Payment Challenges Faced By Healthcare Sectors

Being a large scale and always running business, transactions in healthcare sectors continue incessantly across the globe. Some common challenges faced by people while making payments may include:

- Patients or their caregivers are generally in a mental distress, and do not have time for long payment processes.

- High need to avail only contactless payment options to ensure safety (even more relevant and important in healthcare settings and doorstep medicine deliveries or lab tests due to potential infection spread).

- Sometimes payments are being made by patients themselves who cannot move around much and appreciate bedside payment options.

- All patients and attendants want to avoid long queues due to mental and physical distress along with the need for social distancing.

- Unexpectedly high bills for which consumers are not ready to pay with cash.

How Can Ezetap Help Overcome These Challenges?

Ezetap offers multiple solutions that can help healthcare sectors streamline their payment process to give a pleasant experience to consumers.

- Easy and fast OTC payment options that can make the processes much easier and faster. Multiple payment methods available like cards (both NFC and swipe), UPI, SMS link, net banking, along with even cheque or cash record maintenance.

- Highly advanced and mobile options for on-the-go transactions helpful for hospital/clinic payments, doorstep sample collections, pharmacies, or any home deliveries.

- Bedside payment options can be made available for patients who are without attendants and need to pay themselves without moving too much. Ezetap also provides deviceless payment options so payments can be received using only mobile phones without any bulky devices.

- Self-checkout kiosks can be integrated at multiple areas so people can avoid long queues and the payment processes can be made faster and more convenient.

- Easy buy now pay later or EMI options can be given to consumers at the time of payment instantly.

Features of Ezetap Payment Solutions For Healthcare

Ezetap provides multiple features for seamless payment collections like:

1. Accept e-RUPI vouchers easily by a simple process.

2. Deeply integrated wireless payment solutions for Android and Windows for error-free processes with reduced transaction time.

3. Advanced multi-bank routing for an enhanced success rate.

4. Integrated buy now pay later (EMI) options with lowest service charges that let customers convert high value medical bills to simple EMIs.

5. Daily automated end-to-end reconciliation reports for all payment methods with a single dashboard view for all transactions for enhanced transparency and trackability.

6. Best-in-class customer service and experience with fastest call-log to resolution time along with an exclusively assigned customer success manager to help with all queries and concerns.

Benefits Of Ezetap Payment Solutions For Healthcare Sectors

Experience several benefits in healthcare sector payments like:

1. No long billing queues - Reduce the transaction time to less than 5 seconds for faster processes and shorter queues.

2. High transaction success rates - Convenient payment acceptance with about 98% success rate for card transactions and 94% for UPI.

3. On-the-go payments - Ease of receiving remote payments or on-the-go payments with SMS payment links and other deviceless options.

4. Cost-effective - Advanced payment solutions with attractive rentals and zero integration cost.

5. Multiple bank acceptance - Get auto-reconciliations for multi-TIDs from all bank partners.

6. Quick resolutions - Dedicated customer service with less than 2 hours of response time for faster and efficient resolution of all concerns.

Streamline your healthcare sector payments with simple, fast, secure, contactless, and convenient payment solutions from Ezetap. With multiple payment options and case specific advanced options, Ezetap can be integrated with all needs and conditions.

Our dedicated customer support system is always available to guide through every step. Feel free to get in touch for any assistance.


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