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Here’s How Ezetap Disrupted the Payment Ecosystem in Dubai

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Sep 07, 2021

How Ezetap Disrupted the Payment Ecosystem in Dubai

Dubai is a city known for being most advanced in its infrastructure and lavish buildings. But did you know that until 2018, the global city has a payment ecosystem still dominated by paper money? When cash had already taken a backseat in many countries around the world, a good percentage of the consumers in UAE still opted to pay for daily essentials, restaurant meals and other household expenses with cash.

For a prolonged period, businesses did not accept digital payments at customers’ doorstep here. However, the growth of e-commerce compelled people to go cashless. This steady change in the market trends drove brick-and-mortar stores to digitise their payment experiences as well. 

That’s when we, at Ezetap, saw an opportunity to introduce new-age digital payment and contactless payment technology for Enterprises, Government and Retail stores in Dubai. We identified the pain points for merchant payments in Dubai and developed a tailored payment solution.

Being among the few technology pioneers in the payments space in Dubai, Ezetap’s payment solution offers a rich merchant payment process with a simpler, easier and enhanced user and customer experience. It is integrated with the billing system of merchants, and simplifies the entire reconciliation process, while eliminating all manual errors and related inefficiencies.

So, let’s take a deep dive into how Ezetap disrupted the payment ecosystem in Dubai.


Digitise Doorstep Payments

Retail businesses and enterprises didn’t have the appropriate technology to accept card payments on delivery, and hence cash was their only option. And since Ezetap is committed to transforming merchant payments processes and related challenges, we introduced our Payment Solution in Dubai. Our solution enabled businesses like modern retail and QSR outlets, e-commerce websites and food delivery businesses to accept cards, both chip and magnetic strip card at the customer’s doorstep. Problems such as arranging exact change, cash pilferage by the delivery agent, and delay in delivery due to slow payment processes were addressed by integrating our payments SDK with the merchants’ mobile app and allowing their agents to complete payment acceptance in the app itself, while accepting card payments at the time of delivery. 


Self-Service Kiosks

Payment kiosks are a great tool for businesses. Retailers can use it as an additional channel of income, while busting queues and better ways of serving customers who are on the go. In Dubai Ezetap has introduced an integrated payment kiosk solution that is future-proof, with respect to the payment methods, making it adaptive to change and advancements in payment forms. This means along with cards and Alipay, businesses can also accept any mode of digital payment method that may come in the future.

One of America's largest burger chains has installed Ezetap kiosks across all its stores in Dubai to accept card payments. The kiosks are fitted with integrated POS machines and payment software and are also integrated with the central billing system at the backend. Each store has 10+ kiosks, which have drastically reduced the queues at the billing counter, quickened checkout processes, and reduced food ordering time. Ezetap’s payment kiosk has enabled the burger chain to deliver a best-in-class customer experience in Dubai.


Queue-Busting Solution

Gone are the days when people had the patience to wait in never-ending queues to pay for their products. Everyone expects a quick and seamless experience from checkin to checkout. And outdated wired or non-integrated payment solutions limit you at the till, taking forever to complete a transaction.

That's where our queue-busting solution comes into play! A mobile POS device, which can be taken anywhere in the store, and is integrated with the billing application of the merchant, enabling them to collect payments anywhere within the store. With this solution, we facilitated anywhere billing.  This allowed merchants to reduce long waiting lines, and instead offer an anywhere billing experience to the customer who wishes to purchase a product or two. The end-to-end integrated system reduces dependency at checkout counters, thereby shrinking the customer billing time from an average of 10 mins to 45 secs.


Digital Payment Solutions for Government Entities

Earlier, government agencies like traffic police couldn't collect spot digital fines or instantly issue a challan for the violation of traffic rules. In case the citizen wanted to pay by card, they had to visit the police station within two day’s time.

But with Ezetap’s integrated payments solution for the Government, Sharjah Traffic police could instantly collect spot fines via credit/debit cards from the citizen. The integrated payment solution given to Sharjah Police helped reduce the fine collection time drastically.

Ezetap stepped into the Dubai market in 2018, and as a payment solutions company, we have been striving to fast-track payments for businesses and Government organisations ever since. The smart payment solutions offered by us caters to multiple industries, namely Government, Retail, e-Commerce, Telecom, Restaurants, Food delivery and much more. Our clientele spans small-scale as well as large-scale businesses and organizations including the Landmark Group, KFC (Americana Food), and many more.


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