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Reasons Why NBFCs Should Embrace Digital Payment Solutions

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Feb 28, 2022

Reasons NBFCs Should Embrace Digital Payment Solutions

In India, the Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) sector is evolving rapidly. In the last two years, NBFCs have witnessed a doubled market share in small and medium ventures and wholesale loans, and substantial growth in other loan categories.

To maintain a steady and efficient pace with the growing market, the NBFCs must keep up with the latest digital solutions and technologies for payment acceptance, digital integrations, etc.

A major way of payments used by NBFCs is to send agents or field force to homes of people for receiving payments. Such doorstep collections are associated with a number of problems like daily cash and cheque reconciliation, to and fro from homes due to unavailabilities, time limitations, etc. All this can lead to low productivity.

Ezetap offers best in class integrated payment solutions that can enhance your existing ways of doorstep collections.

Benefits of Ezetap Smart Payment Solutions for NBFC

At Ezetap, you can make your NBFC collections more streamlined with the advanced swipe machine or POS device or with the deviceless solutions from Ezetap. The POS terminal for NBFC can be used for instant and timely collections whether at branch, doorstep, kiosk, or even remotely via payment links.

Some compelling benefits of the Ezetap swipe machine for NBFC include:

  • Reduced time spent on each collection leading to more collections in a day
  • No room for human errors with manual cash collections or entering account numbers, loan amounts, etc.
  • Sales per agent increase, which means an overall high operational efficiency Flexibility of using multiple payment modes like debit cards, UPI, SMS pay and also record if there are any cash or cheque collections
  • Credit card payments are automatically blocked conforming to Government guidelines SMS pay and UPI integration feature available for easy recurrent payments
  • Automated reconciliation across all payment modes and digital payment acquirers leads to increase in backend efficiency and reduction in operational costs
  • Track all payments with the advanced analytics and dashboard
  • Smart charge slips available for direct customer feedback to the company

Where can the Ezetap swipe machine for NBFC be used?

The smart payment solutions by Ezetap can be used by NBFCs across multiple sectors like asset finance, loan companies, automobile finance, housing finance and microfinance. The smart analytics and tracking features can help the companies function and expand in the most effective manner.

Ezetap’s one-time integration is a future proof technology with no further costs for supporting new payment methods. Embracing advanced digital payment solutions can help NBFCs stay up to date with the changing customer demands and market trends. Feel free to get in touch with us for any assistance or information.


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