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Accept any mode of payment, anywhere, anytime

Ezetap’s secure platform is PCI-DSS certified and is compliant with any certified device in the world

Universal Payments

The number of way a consumer can pay nowadays is in plenty. The different touch points (online, in-store or at-home) where a business can interact with their customers are also evolving. Hence the complexities involved in accepting payments are growing at a rapid pace. This is where Ezetap’s Universal Payments can solve any payment challenge that a business may face.

Ezetap offers businesses globally an end-to-end payment platform that can support:

Any customer touch-point

Payment on Doorstep Delivery - Ezetap Customer doorstep during delivery

POS Payment Solutions - Ezetap In-store during purchase

Online, during purchase or post-purchase

Any mode of payment

Contactless Card Payments - Ezetap Card payments

Mobile Wallet Payment - Ezetap Mobile wallet payments

Biometric enabled payments

Universal Payment Solutions - Ezetap Payment via messaging apps

QR Code Based Payments - Ezetap QR code based payments

Pay Through Any Choice of Hardware - Ezetap

Any choice of hardware

Mobile POS System - Ezetap Mobile POS

Universal Payment Platform - Ezetap Counter-top POS

Accept Payments From Any Choice of Hardware - Ezetap Biometric

Payment Kiosk - Ezetap Unattended kiosks

Vending Machine Payment - Ezetap Vending machines

Universal Payment Solutions - Ezetap

Any banking partner

The universal platform is future-proof in a way that enables businesses to accept any new mode of payment that may come in the future. With a low-touch process for adding any number of new payment terminals, you never have to worry about scalability. In short, Ezetap’s platform is the only solution that businesses need for now and the future.

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